Tuesday, June 13, 2017

a few for fun

 just a few pictures for the fun of it...
 Our May tea party to celebrate spring!
 sparkly dishes and sparkly girls!
 vivi's energy can't even be contained in a picture
 cousin sleepover!
 Memorial Day Dessert Competition!
 Lily's Berries Blue
 she gets Olivet's vote!
 And my whipped up dream
 With a vote from Olivet too!
Everyone wins!
 Our April ended with jiao zi, why not May too?! 
 Thanks to Angela for her amazing precision! 
Thankful for yumminess! 
 Porch playing on a rainy day :)
 August the Doggest
 summer time is the best
 sweet baby
 my mother's day plant in bloom!
My favorite kids in the whole world! 
We are blessed!

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