Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Back in the Game :)

Sweet Olivet
 First post of the new year!! 
Yesterday I spent an hour listening in on a live webcast titled "Recharging for Spring." One of the first things the (homeschooling mom) speaker said was to think about aspects of winter we are thankful for! I was thankful for that suggestion since about a minute earlier I looked out the window and felt so discouraged by MORE snow falling! It was a great opportunity to think about heavy blankets, quiet streets and crisp air. 
 And good friends!
Lily & Sophi
 "Where did everybody go?"
 Indoor fun on cold winter days...
 Too busy for even a smile!
 serious business for all
 Hopefully I'll remember to get an "after" picture of Dass and her terrarium. What a cool Christmas gift! 
 Josh & Papa after lots of hard work on the basement!! 
 Siblings ready for a night out to eat some Tasty Thai!
 "Why would you want to go without us?!?!?!?!"
 One BIG highlight of our weeks: our newly established youth group!!!
 Moi bringing the lesson
 Always time to play!
 I need to do a photo shoot with this little guy. The littlest guy in the picture.
 Meet Bearded Dragon Mr. Thaddeus Reptar, the newest member of our family! He is so fun. I never thought I'd enjoy watching a reptile attack crickets. 
 Looking at this picture makes me think of all that has happened in the lasts few months. We have been a little busy!

 Go Gampy!
(Thanks for ALL the help!!)
Lily- 12 
2016/2017 School Pics
Good reminders to press on as we recharge for spring!
 August the Doggest- 3
 Obsy- 5
 Dass Dass- 8
 Vivers- 6
 Porter Man- 1.5
 Cade- 11
 I missed a few birthday posts! 
Time with Yeye & Nainai always rocks!
 "Give me a G!..."
 First Ponytail
(and maybe last ;)
I thought it was cute! 
 Actually he has had another a few days later... accompanied by a pink fluffy dress and matching princess shoes. Poor guy ;)
Sisterly Love
 "I didn't do it (well, not all of it)!"
I think I'm allowed to draw on any surface now with any type of writing tool! 
 Well, tub crayons seemed like a good idea at the time!
"A whole new world..."
 "You got that right"
 Woah! I'm really dating this post ;)
 Happy Belated Thanksgiving
(not too bad for my first one!)
 A Pilgrim
 A Turkey!
 "gobble, gobble"
Happy Birthday Viv & Sy!
Handsome Pierce!
Bro & Sis
Thumbs up to cool cousins!
The Boys Are Back In Town
Tim & Nat- So Sweet 
Two Mamas
A Few Dads
Some Clowns :)
All Gathered for Lily's Birthday!
We had SUCH a SWEET time making ornaments, eating yummy snacks and laughing lots!
So Old!

12 Candles
Gotta Love Sleepover Surprises! 
(No, you are not going out with that on ;)
Tons of Thanks to Auntie Karen & Uncle Steve for another AMAZING Christmas Tree! 
... and we found a few kids.
Winter Blessings!!!