Sunday, August 27, 2017

summer sand & swimming

 It has been quite the summer! Lots of sand and lots of swimming! 
Nat, Mom, Dad & Me

 Playing in Kimberly at Sunset Beach/ Park
We got rained on the first time and were all thankful for a rainy day free pass to go back!

 Groovin' Lil
 the sand felt so nice and soft and squishy under our feet
 busy builders
 Viv's Smile
 Dass waiting for a snack
 swimming at little silver lake before the big pig roast

  Olivet on her birthday- 6 years old already!
 & cards
 & cousins
 & sisters
 a special watch from GG!

 Auntie Danielle dropped off Reuel & took Hadassah & Pierce to the zoo!
 we all had so much fun!
 Brave Pierce

 Back at the cottage to celebrate me & Nat's b-day!
 ice cream cake!

 we spent half of the day floating in the middle of the lake!
 Lil & Gretta Grinning

 Sam & Cade

 It's been super fun for the kids to play with Veronica & Vida, the sweet neighbor girls.

 Playing at South Park

 What a crew!


Tuesday, June 13, 2017

a few for fun

 just a few pictures for the fun of it...
 Our May tea party to celebrate spring!
 sparkly dishes and sparkly girls!
 vivi's energy can't even be contained in a picture
 cousin sleepover!
 Memorial Day Dessert Competition!
 Lily's Berries Blue
 she gets Olivet's vote!
 And my whipped up dream
 With a vote from Olivet too!
Everyone wins!
 Our April ended with jiao zi, why not May too?! 
 Thanks to Angela for her amazing precision! 
Thankful for yumminess! 
 Porch playing on a rainy day :)
 August the Doggest
 summer time is the best
 sweet baby
 my mother's day plant in bloom!
My favorite kids in the whole world! 
We are blessed!