Wednesday, August 24, 2016

August & July Flew Right By!

 10#s of blueberries for a great price & for some smiley faces!

 Where's the spinach for this strong man?
 Oh, it's not Popeye, it's Auggie to the rescue!
 Smiley Lil
 Sweet Olivet
 Daddy giving a wood crafting lesson :)
 Frown if you'd rather be playing Barbies!
 To the rescue again!
Porter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers
@Bear Lake
 We spent a wonderful day with our good friends who used to be neighbors with us in China!
 Lydia & Lily
Once friends, always friends :)
 I didn't say, "Give me a cheese face!" I said, "Say cheese!"
 Sweet Micah 
(who's about a month older than Porter)

 Olivet & Greta
Two Peas in a Pod
 Me & Krista!
 Josh & Stephen!
 Josiah & Cade 
ready to tear up some turf
 nothing beats a boat ride on a sunny day

 except a swim on a sunny day!
 "Aren't sisters awesome!"
 "They feed you..."
 "Caedmon, at least pretend you're having fun!"
 now for the real fun
 (the whale & dolphin are just pretend)
"... and sisters take you swimming!"
Enjoying the water while it's still warm :)

Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Tune of May & June

Lovin' Family
Pierce, Danielle, Phil & Reuel
Baby Face
 GG loves her grand babies!
 Holiday Festivities
 Dass caught something!
 My Mother's Day Breakfast! What a treat!! 
(syrup, jam, dressing, fruit shake, eggs, salad, pancakes & water :)
 Congrats to Caedmon,
 Viv & Dass
 For finishing their 3rd year of Classical Conversations!!!
 Asa preparing for his new baby brother!
 Smile if you are 1!

"My toes!" 
 "Ok, I'll share!"
 precious ages
 Where's the babes?
 There he is, eyeing the swing set ;)
 Our Boys
 And Girls!
 Learning from each other : D
 Super Fun day at VHS's Field Day!!!
 walkin' with help
 Another Stoffel Family Reunion!
 Who doesn't love Aunt Becky?!?!
 Happy Birthday Porter!!!

 not sharin'
 Auntie Danielle & Cousin Pierce
 still eating?!
 GG & Gampy Sandwich
 ... and eating
 Fun Day at Point Beach on Lake Michigan!!!
 Yay for Auntie Rachael (and Uncle Bill) all the way from California!
 crazy crew
 beach time
 bathing beauties
catching fish for lunch