Tuesday, June 13, 2017

a few for fun

 just a few pictures for the fun of it...
 Our May tea party to celebrate spring!
 sparkly dishes and sparkly girls!
 vivi's energy can't even be contained in a picture
 cousin sleepover!
 Memorial Day Dessert Competition!
 Lily's Berries Blue
 she gets Olivet's vote!
 And my whipped up dream
 With a vote from Olivet too!
Everyone wins!
 Our April ended with jiao zi, why not May too?! 
 Thanks to Angela for her amazing precision! 
Thankful for yumminess! 
 Porch playing on a rainy day :)
 August the Doggest
 summer time is the best
 sweet baby
 my mother's day plant in bloom!
My favorite kids in the whole world! 
We are blessed!

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

April Air

 All set for the Daddy Daughter Ball!
 (only on holidays they get to wear lipstick :)
 And Party "Animals"
 This year's theme is "Jungle"
 There's Dad! 
 What an evening of adventure!
That was the beginning of the month.
And this is the end of the month! 
In between, I spent 3 weeks with the flu and each other family member was able to get it as well! That was rough to say the least, but provisions were abundant!
And love was never scarce! 
 Now it's time to celebrate China!
 We returned from China 2 years ago on April 25th. 
 And now we have our own family holiday!
 Celebrate China Day! And we celebrate China...
 by making jiaozi!
(we used beef instead of pork and added onions, carrots, celery, spinach, seasoning)
 and stuffed them in jiaozi pi (actually hundun pi, but who noticed?!) and made
 In China there's about 1 way to wrap a jiaozi.
 In our family there are at least 9 ways. :)
 No matter what shape they are...
 They ALL taste amazing after they are cooked!
 Well, maybe not "all."
 The first time we ever made jiao zi (I'm not even sure how long ago that was)
 We thought we'd be able to tell whose jiao zi was whose after it was cooked. 
 Can still tell at this point! 
 Oh, uh. Hmm. Can't tell anymore! 
 And what happened so quickly?! 150 jiaozi disappeared FAST!!
Now we have happy faces, full bellies and thankfulness in our hearts for China :).

Friday, March 31, 2017

March Monkeys

Sleep over with GG & Gampy!
 The fun never ends!
 An electric piano with optional headphones has been the best purchase ever! 
The kids are LOVING learning to play the piano! 
(And I love getting to listen :)
 I decided to rent a drum kit for a month. It came with a snare drum, a practice drum pad and a bell set. Time to start a band! 
 The kids were excited to learn they can use their piano music to play the bells!
 My turn :)
 Auggie is 4 now!
"Happy Birthday Super Hero. I love you!"
 And $10 from Dass! Wow, that was generous! Sweet girl.
 (I was wondering what happened to all my Thank You notes ;)
 Sweet birthday wishes from Auntie Karen & Uncle Steve
 Auggie picked out a lemon cake!
 Pie for Pi day! 
Cade found a Blackberry Chocolate Pie recipe and made the entire thing on his own!
 Here's Lil's first attempt at Lemon Meringue Pie. It was a little bitter, but it looked really pretty!
 Summer's almost here...

 Obs, before needing help down.
 Viv wanting to go higher & higher!

 Tough Guys
Bye for now!